Ah the describe yourself thing, I’ve never been any good at that. At least these days I can say I have hobbies, I try and knit, not well but I try! I fully intend on getting better so that by Christmas I can at least give people scarves! I also make cards, and I really need to get on and make some more soon. Can I call my love of dehydrating fruit a hobby? I guess it would come under cooking, of which I’m getting better at. I used to do a lot of cooking but I got into the lazy habit of making quick meals.


So yeah I’m a rambler, and not in the walking sense, I do go off on tangents a lot too! I probably overuse the exclamation mark, and if I’m tired or on my phone punctuation isn’t going to be correct.

Oh the basics, well I’m female, nearly 30 and in England. I intend to go back to veganism one day, but for now I still eat meat, in small quantities and do use milk in my tea. I’ll be honest the main reason I haven’t gone back to veganism is laziness, also as this time I want to do it properly, last time I didn’t and lost a lot of weight as I just wasn’t eating anything. When you don’t like mushrooms and tomatoes and you’re lazy being a vegan is hard! Now however I try more fruit and veg, before it was only carrots and potatoes I would eat! Now I’m happy to say I’ll eat most root veg and a lot more greens.