Man Made

So I’m looking at various vegan items, non food based. The trouble I have is that while some do use natural materials, a lot especially cheaper items, are all man made fibres, which really is no more ethical than using wool. If anything it’s less, wool is sheared from sheep with very little upset to the sheep and then cleaned, spun and able to be made into various things. Not shearing a sheep is worse, the coat gets too heavy for the sheep, gets matted and is generally very unpleasant for the sheep. Synthetic fibres are basically made from plastics, which do not break down completely, usually made in factories that do not pay their workers properly and can’t be organic.

Between the choice of synthetic and wool I would choose wool.

Of course I would prefer to use other natural materials, that are fair trade. Bamboo and hemp are ones I would like to buy instead, but it’s cost and only really buying what I need.


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