So I’ve been veggie for around 2 weeks now, and it’s going a lot easier than I thought it would. Right now I’m not so focused on the small thing like gelatin and other hidden animal products, I do try and avoid if I know it has it in it, but if I do have something with it in I’m not going to worry about it. That’s a further down the line thing, right now it’s making sure I have a good range of meals so I don’t want junk food all the time.

I’ve bought a few new cookbooks to give me ideas and inspiration, so far only made a pasta dish, which was good and I will make it again, but thinking if I can make a few new ones and combine it with a few bought things I’ll have a good range and hopefully not feel the need for takeaways as well. Although pizza always sounds good!

I have been to Subway this week, there’s a new one in town and they’ve given out a bunch of vouchers for it, so a friend and I went the other day, the options were limited, either all salad or a veggie patty. The patty was good, had it warmed up or I think it would have been rather dry, but at least there was an option.

I am finding that the options are very limited in places, and it’s a good job I am now loving mushrooms or it really would be limited, mostly to a bowl of chips! I don’t plan on eating out often but still it’s good to know in case I do go out with friends for food.


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