Going Veggie

So I’m going to actually do it, I’ve talked about it for a while, but now I’m actually feeling this is the right time for me to go through with it. I’ve got a few meals I can do, I’ve tried out new foods. I feel I will be able to stick with it now. I do still have a bit of fish and other foods that contain animal products in the house that I will use up first. Then I will not be buying anymore.

I want to cut back on dairy too, I only really have milk in tea, and I can easily go without cheese, although I do have cream cheese to use up. It’s all the hidden milk however that I may struggle with. Also ice cream in summertime!

I have switched from sugar in tea to sweeteners, and most contain milk. I did buy one that is vegan so that’s one part of my tea sorted it’s just finding a milk that I can swap in it. I think the almond milk I currently use for cereals and things wouldn’t work in it, may be too sweet.


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