Winter bargains

So I had a look around a few charity shops while I was in town yesterday, I haven’t been round them for a while but was after some long sleeved tops. I did quite well, a little too well really, I have basically managed to buy most of a new winter wardrobe! Two long thicker skirts, two thick tops, and two long sleeved tops, as well as a thinner skirt for on the rare nice days we may get!

I do love the skirts though, they’re brighter than I usually wear and more floral too, but they look great. Not quite sure of the brand, but I’ll look it up later, I tend to try and buy better brand from the charity shop, so not the cheap stuff that I can get in town anywhere.

I guess this weekends project is sorting clothes out, might as well put any that’s too thin or summery away and just leave the winter thicker stuff out. I should probably go through my coats too, and try and fix any that need fixing, make sure they are clean and ready to go for winter. So far I’ve just been using my thin raincoat, but won’t be long before I want my bigger coats.


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