Processed Veg!

Ok so I went food shopping, had to restock the freezer, but I’ll admit I didn’t buy much fresh things. I’m trying to work out how I can use fresh veg and fruit before it goes bad. I did buy strawberries and they had mould in them before I could finish them, and I only went shopping 2 days ago!

I know I can buy harder fruits, I did also get bananas, but fruit at least I can mostly use up before it goes bad. Vegetables however I find harder, so the only veg I bought this time were a few potatoes and some frozen onion and garlic! Not sure what to do, I need to eat more veg but how? I do sometimes freeze things, like I currently have some frozen samphire, that I was able to get cheap then freeze. I don’t like tinned veg and I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole tin anyway, At least I’ll be able to experiment and try and turn veg into other things, which I think is the way to go, winter is coming up so it’ll be lots of stews and soups soon!



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