Which way to go?

So I’ve been looking a lot at doing plastic free and going veggie, but I don’t think I can do both together right now. So which is better? I’m thinking of keeping up with the plastic free things that I already do, like taking a water bottle and using my reusable cup or hot drinks, trying to always have a reusable bag on me, but focus more on the veggie side. I rarely drink milk, excepting in tea, so I use a lot of almond milk that comes in Tetra packs, but I have found out that it can be recycled here, so that’s a bonus, as I’ve been enjoying Alpro’s chocolate milk a lot lately! Lunches are my current issue, however I’m finding more and more things I can have, tomorrow it’s a quick and easy mushroom rice for lunch, I do have a microwave at work so it really shouldn’t be that hard to come up with ideas. I’m planning on baking a banana bread over the weekend too, so that will be a good lunch option.

I need to deal with my takeaway food too, as there’s some nights I really want one, but nothing on the menu that is veggie is appealing to me. Maybe I need to think of how I can make my own versions and freeze them for those nights I want quick and easy food. It’s something to research.



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