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September is here

Well September has come around, and this year seems to have passed by so quickly. I’ve almost emptied my freezer, so that will be defrosted next week hopefully. Then it’s a case of looking at what I need to buy to refill the freezer, I definitely want to focus on trying out new recipes and getting some veggies staples in. Good Life do a good veggie burger that I like and I do have one left in the freezer. I think it is going to be a case of finding a few more processed type foods, like the burgers, although they do just come in a cardboard box, to keep in the freezer while I’m learning new recipes.

On the gardening front, I’ve planted, and will have to replant as we had a big storm, some leeks, and and carrots. The leeks are more seedlings while the carrots are actual seeds. Not sure how well either will do, but so far I’ve managed to have a few veggies out of the pots. The spinach came up good but turned brown and bugs ate it before I could, which was a shame, maybe next time I’ll have to pick it earlier, although the bit I did have was very good. The sunflowers are still going well though, I may have planted too many, not that you can really have too many, but they are still blooming and there’s still some yet to bloom!

I need to get the Christmas gifts I’ve start completed, or even started, I have start 3 gifts but I have several more to started, and I still need to plan a couple more as well. I’m trying to do a homemade Christmas but I have a feeling I’ll end up buying a couple, mainly male gifts.

Ah well I need to get my car fixed next week too, it’s a necessary vehicle but it does cost a lot!



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