food · gardening

Apples to Apples

It’s apple picking time, and I need to find ways of using them up. I had the dehydrator going overnight full of sliced apples and I’ll do another load today or tonight, however I’m going to run out of jars soon! That’s just the eating apples too, there’s also loads of cooking apples that have to be used, not sure what I’m going to do with them, maybe stew them, but I want to get the freezer emptied first so I don’t want to have to stew them and use that up and freeze it, I do have some pastry in the freezer so maybe just do enough and make a small pie.

Not sure what else I can do, there’s still loads on the trees, I may be able to get other fruits and use the apples to make a jam, but I probably will end up giving loads away and eating them as much as possible.

Hopefully Pinterest will come up with some new ideas for apples as it’s only just the start of apple picking time! I wonder is there an apple break like there is a banana bread? Or something else that way, guess I’ll have a few weeks of finding recipes and experimenting.


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