What’s next?

Now I’ve done most of the easy stuff I’m finding it hard to get on and do the harder things, especially with decluttering. My craft supplies are one that need sorting out, but I know that throwing anything away is going to be hard as I do use a lot of it, maybe I should have a big crafting session first and then reorganise it, throwing out anything that no longer works or I don’t enjoy doing. Also I need to not buy more crafting supplies til I have used up a lot of what I have got! I bought fabric recently, and I have loads here, although the fabric I bought is hopefully intended for Christmas gifts.

Changing from plastics is hard too, because I don’t live alone and the person I live with has no intention of changing any of the products we already use, it’s hard to find ways of changing things. Food is one of the things I can change, so I’m trying that, but it’s still a battle. Ah well the freezer is nearly empty now, so soon I’ll be able to start a fresh there at least.


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