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So I went on a shopping trip yesterday, and wasn’t it hard and expensive to find what I wanted.

I went to Wholefoods, there’s a few of them here in the UK and the nearest one to me is around 30 miles away, so I went. I ended up only buying maybe six items! However I still spent over £50! I have no idea how someone would do a weeks worth of shopping there. Admittedly my six items did include a razor and blades. I was looked for a safety razor but couldn’t find one so I bought one from Preserve, made from recycled plastic with extra blades. I also bought a new baking sheet, I have two and one is ready for the bin and the other is a silicon one that isn’t in the best condition either, so now I have a nice new ceramic one that will hopefully last a long time. I bought a big pot of hand sanitizer from MooGoo to take with me to work, and the other two items were actually food! Some hummus and a spaghetti squash! Yep nothing I can make a meal out of! I’ll have to go to the supermarket here to get other ingredients, I was going to get silken tofu but they didn’t have any, as I am going to use the squash to make a quiche base and make a tofu quiche. I’ll probably not need all the squash so that’ll go or a few meals.

I really want to get cooking more, and more vegan meals too, if I can eat one day vegan or even one meal vegan a week, that that has to be better both for me and the environment.

When eating out yesterday we went to a pizza place, and they had a vegan menu, so we ordered the vegan garlic bread, very garlicky! The pizza we ordered was vegan too as was our drinks. It was a wonderful meal, not one that the had just let the meat off of, but had flavour and textures and was very filling. In fact with both left a couple of slices as it was so filling. It shows that it doesn’t just have to be salad leaves, and that I can eat a lot of things if I give them a try.


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