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Time out

So I work in a different place one day a week and have been struggling with lunches there, but I’ve now found a cafe that not only does a wide range of veggie food also does the take away in paper boxes with wooden cutlery. I had a mushroom and spinach quiche with roasted baby potatoes, and wasn’t it good, and filling! I think going there is going to be my Thursday treat, and it’ll give me ideas and the chance to try out different veggie foods.

I’m trying to eat as many veggie meals as possible, but I know I have to expand both my palate and cooking skills before I can go veggie. Mushrooms are the thing I’m currently trying out as I never liked them growing up, it seems to be going well but I’ve yet to actually cook them myself!

I’ve also been out this week to the spa, it was a birthday treat from my mother, and I think I’m going to look into oils more,we both had aromatherapy massages. So I want to look into the benefits of aromatherapy and what different oils do. Maybe one day I could even make my own oils, only basic ones like lavender and mint, things I have in the garden.



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