Recycling, reusing

So I finally got around to getting rid of the sewing machine and dehydrator boxes, and what a space I have now, hopefully it’ll stay a space too and other boxes or things won’t get dump there.

I’ve also found out that the council here accepts tetra packs in the recycling bins, which is great as I use almond milk when I have cereal.

I’ve reused a dress that wasn’t in good condition, cut it up for face clothes, and still have some fabric to use for something else, once I’ve figured out what, maybe some beewax wraps, not sure yet.

There is a shop in the next town over that I think sells beeswax and I do what to give it a go, so next time I go there I plan to get some, and to look in the teashop there, see what I can get that is plastic free.

I’ll admit I have a few shopping trips planned, but mostly I’m going to research rather than buy, if I see something that I actually need than I might buy it, but I’m not going to buy just because it’s ethical or plastic free when I have no use or it, or I already have one.


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