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Crafty time

So I’ve been able to get a little crafty lately, I have always wanted to make candles, and bought a tealight set (holders and wicks) ages ago to do it. Well I finally got around to it, and it was easier that I thought, mostly! The pouring o the was wasn’t easy, I had to do it fast before it started to harden again, but I think that’s just practice. I used old pieces of wax from previously burnt candles and melted it down to make new ones. I think this is something I do again, perhaps as gifts for people once I’ve got the hang of it better.

I also made some more cotton rounds, actually they’re made from felt, but you know what I mean! Easy to do and now I don’t have to wash the ones I had as much now, so in theory they will last longer. I do use them everyday with my Nourish skincare range, and once I’ve used them I have another little jar they go in, and once that jar is half full I’ll wash them. This way they don’t get lost, and I shouldn’t have to make more!


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