food · gardening

I have food!

So my plants have done well, I’ve already taken two off the cucumber plant that there’s another two ready to be picked. There were a lot of flowers on it so I was worried that I would have too many to use, but it’s been good so far. I’ll take one off later today and you never know I might still get more yet.

The courgettes aren’t quite ready to be picked, but again lots of flowers on there too, was tempted the pick the flowers, but I have no way of frying them to make them tasty! Another week and I should be able to pick some I think, I’m going to look up some stuffed courgette recipes, not tried it before but hopefully will be easy and tasty!

My spinach is very small I don’t know if it’ll actually grow and be useful, but I tried, and I can try and plant something different next time.

The strawberry plants, while not full of fruit are growing well, so next year I should get a good amount of fruit, if they last through winter.

Sunflowers are starting to get heads too, I’m hoping to save some of the heads or at least the seeds to use as bird food during the winter.

I can’t believe I’m already thinking of winter, especially in relation to the garden. Before the winter I do want to try and make some kind of insect home, just using what is around. I have an old chimney pot I can use as my starting point. Lots of pine cones nearby too, so I can use those somehow. It’ll be a fun experiment to see what I can use and who uses it.



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