Want a cup or two?

So I have a few days off post Rome and have been making progress on the decluttering. Why do I own so many cups?? I use maybe 2 or 3 of them, and yet have a whole cupboard of just cups! So I know where most have come from, Easter eggs, I went through a faze of wanting all the cups that came with Easter eggs, I also have a habit of buying cups when I go to new places abroad.

I may also have a slight issue of not actually using the cups I buy when I’m away, I have cups from America that I’ve ever actually used!

As well as the cupboard of cups, I also have a full mug tree, these are the ones I actually use, sometimes. Usually I’ll use the same cup over and over in the same day, just swilling it out. I have changed the mugs on the tree over, so at least I’ll be using some different ones.

I will sort out the Easter egg cups, and put several into the to be donated pile, although with some I got given as gifts as other times.


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