So I’m home from Italy and it’s July first. The start of Plastic Free July I’ll be honest I’ll not be able to go plastic free this month. There’s too many things that I would have to change and I just can’t afford it. However I do aim to cut down my plastics, I will be looking at what food I buy and what it comes in. I’m looking to replace my hairbrush soon, and plan on getting an non plastic one. I also plan on getting a glass water bottle. I currently do own metal ones, but they have odd white marks in them, that are impossible to get rid of. I looked it up and it seems it’s from the metal. So I’m wary of buying another metal one.

That’s about all I can change this month, sadly I have car issues to sort out instead of buying great plastic free things. However it doesn’t mean I can’t research though. I need to look into getting different cleansers and toners, something natural but also plastic free if possible. I currently use the Boots Botanics range, so I’m going to look for something similar. There is a Lush store about 30 miles away, so I can plan a trip there if there’s enough stuff I want from around that area. Might have to treat myself in August for my birthday. We’ll see!


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