Disposable Italy 

So this is my first full day in Italy, it’s over 30 degrees so I’m eating lots of gelato. Which is exceedingly good, but it always comes with a little plastic spoon. Which yes if I had it in a cup I would understand but I’m eating it from a cone! The cones also come with a little paper sleeve, which I guess is because of the heat and melting ice cream, but to me still seems like a waste. If they handed it to you wrapped in a paper napkin at least then you can use the napkin afterwards. They do also give you one too. 

There are however lots of bins around to drop your rubbish off. A few do have recycling compartments but most are just plastic bags.

The water fountains are great, you can use one bottle and just refill it for free. Some points even have a free sparkling water tap. 


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