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So there’s a heatwave here currently, and I’m suffering with hayfever. So I’m mostly hiding indoors, which means I’m planning what I can do next. Both out in the garden with the veggies and flowers and indoors with the decluttering.

I currently have the washing machine going to wash the last of the clothes that I’m planning to take to the charity shop tomorrow, I know that I can reduce it more but I’m happy right now with what I’ve got rid of. I’ve got rid of as many books as I’m currently comfortable with, and have several that I haven’t read yet, so depending on how I feel about those once read I may have more to donate. I’ve managed to get out of the habit of keeping books that although I have enjoyed I don’t feel drawn to read again.

I do however need to decide what I’m going to do with boxes, I have so many boxes that items have come in, that I’ve kept. I guess I just feel like if I keep them I can easily repack them away if/when needed. Do I really need to keep them though, they’re big and bulky, I guess I could flatpack them if they don’t have polystyrene or anything else in them. I’ll have to check through them, if they’re just empty boxes then I really don’t need to keep them, I can put the items in any box really.

Back to clothes though, it’s so warm here that I never know what to wear, it doesn’t help that I go on holiday this weekend and have already packed most of my dresses in my suitcase. So I’m wearing my remaining dresses or long skirts and tops, trying to keep to flowing materials and clothing that is loose fitting. I do try and keep covered up as well, but to keep modest but also as I’m very fair and do burn easily when out. I’d rather cover up then have to put lots of suncream on.

I do want to do some research on suncream, see what it’s made of and how I can get it plastic free and as natural as possible. Not sure how possible it is, but at least I have an aloe vera plant for any sunburn I do get, which is natural and grown by myself.

My plants are growing well, the cucumber plant has now started to flower, my courgette plants are in their own pots, and I’ve given a couple away to people. I’ve now planted spinach seeds ready for a winter harvest. I do want to try my hand at root veg too for a winter harvest, but I’m not sure how well they will grow in pots. I need to look into it, I think it should be possible though. If I can’t do it this year then I’m still happy as it’s still a lot more than I thought I would be able to grow.


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