Not so fab fabric?

So changing the bedding today I take a look at the labels, which firstly feel plastic. My bedding is made in Pakistan and is a polyester/cotton blend. It’s from Dunelm, if anyone is particularly curious!

So polyester, what is it? Got to admit I’ve never bothered to find out beyond it being a manmade fabric. A quick internet search tells me it’s made from coal, water, air and petroleum. Well that’s not good, it’s a bunch of fossil fuels, and has to undergo a lot of processes before it gets made into my bedding. I don’t know where this processing is done, is it the same country that the coal comes from or is where the fabric is made. Is the place it’s made the same place that it actually gets made into bedding, in this case Pakistan. Lots of questions that I don’t know the answers to. I do know though that there has to be a better way.

So cotton? Is that any better? I guess in one way it has to be as it’s a natural material, but it depends on where the cotton is grown. The cotton plant needs a lot of water, and also many countries use a lot of sprays on their cotton plants. It’s the worlds most used plant for fabric so they need as many good crops as possible. This means that many farmers are turning to GM strands of the cotton plant, on one hand this can mean less chemical sprays but on the other it’s changing the cotton plant and less a natural material.

I don’t know the working conditions of either material, but I don’t imagine that they are the best. With chemicals for both, and both still have to undergo a long process in order for it to be turned into fabric that can then be dyed and printed before becoming something else.

So what to do? Well for now I’ll be using the bedding I have, however next time around I’ll be looking into finding materials that don’t undergo so many processes and aren’t going to have an environmental impact as much.

I need to look into what materials are grown in this country, I know I could possibly make blankets out of wool instead, but what about sheets? Something to ponder and look into.


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