Personal care

The feminine wear review!

So I bought Feminine Wear reusable pads to cut out the disposable ones. I’ve now used them for the first time. Firstly they are oh so soft compared to disposables, they of course don’t have the sticky backs so you do have to place them right, and they can move a bit if you’re active, so there may be time when you want to just recheck it’s still in the right position and adjust it a little. However I didn’t find it moved much and certainly not enough to cause any leakage.

I was a little worried about leakage in the beginning as I had chosen ones without a plastic protective layer, however I found them to actually last a lot longer than disposables, and I just changed them at night.

I’ll admit with washing I didn’t do anything with them, just chucked them in with the rest of my things on the usual short cycle, this has left a little staining, but I’m sure if I wash them again that’ll disappear, however no one else is going to see it so what does it matter if there’s a small stain! Maybe next time I’ll give them a soak or something first see if that makes a difference but honestly I’m probably just going to wash them straight in again, I like the convenience!

I bought 5 pads, and actually that was fine, I’m thinking in the future I might buy another 2 just for extras if for some reason I need to change more and to have a bit of a rotation of them, but it’s not urgent that I get more of them.


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