I need a cuppa 

I’ve been looking into tea after discovering that many teabags actually contain plastic. I’ve been putting my teabags into the compost bin after using thinking that this was the right thing is do and they will compost down. However now I’m unsure if I should continue to do that or to bin them. I think for now I’m going to keep composting them and hopefully in future I will be able to get non plastic tea. 

Loose tea seems the easiest option, however that requires a teapot and strainer, so not the most convenient or cheapest method especially when I’m trying to reduce what I have and buy. I have found a company that says that they don’t use plastic: Teapigs they make biodegradable tea and packaging that is recyclable. Although they do say that the teabags may take longer to break down into compost, can be several years. For me that doesn’t matter I have a compost bin and it’ll get put in there and I use the compost when it’s ready, plenty of other things go in there. 

I will use up the tea I currently have, but this does seem like a good alternative for when I next need to buy tea. I’m going to keep looking into it and see what other companies I cam find that don’t use any plastics. 


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