5 easy changes to make

So I’ve been looking into zero waste a lot lately and realised it going to be hard but there are easy things I can change:

  1. Shopping bags, making sure I have a reusable bag on me whenever I go shopping. Shopping bags take at least a decade to begin to break down, so if I get a new bag everytime I buy something, think of how much I’m adding to the world.
  2. Water bottle, remembering to use my water bottle instead of buying water. I do find that I drink more water if I drink it from a bottle than if I pour myself a glass. I have two metal water bottles, so it’s not like I actually need to buy bottled water.
  3. Throw away coffee cups, I don’t often get a take away hot drink, but sometimes especially during the winter months I want something hot while out. For these occasions I need to remember to either go earlier and have one sat in the shop or to bring a reusable cup.
  4. Bar soap, buying bar soap instead of liquid soap in the plastic dispensers. I’ll admit I usually find that bar soap dries my skin out, but there’s loads of types that I can try til I find a good one, and soap came be bought without packaging or in paper/cardboard instead.
  5. Condiments, the plastic bottles seem to be more popular than the glass ones, but squeezing that last bit out of the bottle isn’t easy, so go back to the glass ones!

Just remember to recycle and compost what you can too!


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