So my courgettes have now been repotted into larger pots. Currently 3/4 in a pot, but once they’re bigger I’ll repot again. If they all grow big enough for a pot each I’ll be giving some away. Realistically I won’t actually use all the fruit from one plant let alone 10 of them!

The cucumber plant has sadly been munched on by slugs, but it’s still growing and doing well. It’s having to be tied to bamboo sticks now as the leaves are quite big and make the plant grow out instead of up.

My sunflowers are still small but are now in the ground, so we’ll see with those, if only one or two make it to flowering that’s still something for the birds and bees.

I’ve also now got strawberries on the plant they’re tiny and not looking too good but it’s a positive sign. Also the birds will enjoy them. I’m hoping next year will be a more produce growing one and this year is just figuring out if I can manage to grow anything!


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