Personal care

Sanitary wear

So an update on sanitary wear, I gave natracare tampons a go, but unfortunately I didn’t find them very good, I had one leak badly, another that leaked slightly, and several that just didn’t slide very well in. But I used up the box, and used sanitary towels at the same time, just in case of leakage.

I am however going to invest in reusable towels, I’ve found some I like the look of, and are organic. I also found a great many with varying fabrics, not sure if I would feel comfortable with Winnie the Pooh ones!

There’s also lots of patterns for making your own, which in time I may do when I feel like replacing the ones I buy, or to give to others, an odd gift maybe but a useful one!

I just hope that they wash well and I can just put them in with a normal load and not on a special cycle that would use more heat or water. Guess I’ll find out soon.


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