So I tend to try and dress more modestly, which given I tend to be a jeans and t shirt person isn’t really that hard, but I’m also trying to dress more feminine. At least in summer anyway, more dresses and skirts, with various tops that are comfortable but modest.

I feel that dressing more modestly is better for all, I don’t see any need for people to wear revealing clothes when out in public, unless you are in swimwear. Of course what you wear at home is a different matter, I’m very much a pyjamas fan at home! I think it’s especially important that we show children that wearing clothes that have slogans on that are age inappropriate, or sexy isn’t what they should be wearing, but things that are modest and still girly are better.

I remember when there was a craze for all things Playboy bunny, how is that appropriate for  young girls, they may not see beyond a bunny but adults know what that is, why would any parent support that for their daughter. As the adult you are responsible for what your child wears, hot pants and playboy bunnies are not appropriate for children, they might be on sale but it’s supply and demand, if you don’t buy it they will stop making it.

Dressing modestly is also about wearing clothes that are right for the occasion, a onesie is modest, but not appropriate for outside of the house, it’s about dressing smart, doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit, but respecting the place you are in, whether that is the local store or to church.


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