Coffee or tea?

So I don’t tend to go to coffee shops very often, I find them overpriced and I don’t actually like coffee, but I do know that some coffee shops will give you a discount if you have a reusable cup. So that would make it a little cheaper if you need a caffeine fix.

Apart from getting a you a discount reusable cups are great for the environment too, the plastic coated ones that you get from coffee shops, often aren’t recyclable or if they are they have to go to a specialist plant to do it. Not good. So off to landfill they go, if they make it to a bin that is, walk around parks or green spaces and you’ll often see them just dumped on the floor or in a hedge.

Also reusable ones are pretty, you can get them in various colours or patterns, with pictures or quotes on them, pretty much any style you want, even make your own design. Of course they come in varying sizes and price, if you’re going to pack it in a bag or walking up a bumping track you might need to invest in a more sturdy one that has a lid that doesn’t have a drinking hole to avoid spillages.

You can also buy ones that are made from natural products, these might not last as long as ceramic or other materials, but can then be recycled or even composted when finished with.


This is a cup made from bamboo fibres, and can be reused and then composted, with the silicone parts used again.


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