I’ll admit to being a fussy eater, it’s often more a texture thing than a taste thing. However I do want to start eating less meat, and having more veggie meals. I do think eating local in season produce is better for the environment whether that is meat or veggie.

However last time I went veggie I lost a lot of weight and became anaemic, so I’m going to be trying out more foods this year, and cutting down on meat, maybe I’ll try going full veggie again, maybe I’ll just eat more local produce. I don’t know yet, I do know though that lent was hard, and in fact I had to give it up, so I know that for now I won’t be stopping using the supermarkets, just using them to top up what I can buy from markets and local stores.

This year so far I’ve tried green tea, not a big fan, but I’ll drink it every so often. Mushrooms, used to really hate these, but they seem it be ok, as long as they are either cut up small, in soup or generally not slimey! I have bought a pack of giant cous cous, but haven’t yet found out what I’m going to do with it! Pineapple is now on the good fruit list, preferably dried though. I do love my dehydrator, and will be using that a lot with new fruit during the summer.  I’ve also tried peaches and plum, I think they’re are ones I’m going to have to give a few tries at before I decide that I like them.


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