Grow your own

So spring is here and I’m trying to grow some things in the garden. I have got courgette (zucchini) seeds in my little propagator, they’ve started to grow so I’ll transfer them into a bigger seedling tray at the end of the week, and I’ve also got a cucumber plant growing in a pot. Sadly the actual soil in my garden isn’t good for growing so I’ll have to keep the courgette in pots too.

I’ve also planted sunflower seeds for the birds and bees. I’m trying to make the garden as friendly for the wildlife as I can. Those I will have to plant into the ground though as there’s a lot of them growing, but hopefully they will continue to grow and form a good show of colour along the fence. I have done two different types, the giant ones and smaller ones in different colours, so something should grow, and I’ll get a lot of seeds at the end of the season, both to replant and to use as bird food in the wintertime.


Update on the aloevera plant: It’s still alive, and actually could use repotting too!


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