It’s all a load of rubbish!

Our river, lakes, and oceans are getting full of rubbish. So often people have a lovely day at the beach and leave their rubbish behind, this not only spoils the beach, but gets into the water doing damage to our sea creatures and plants.

There’s many images of plastic can rings stuck around animals, that have been left and got into the water or just dumped. These and other plastics are not quick decomposers so they will take years to break apart, and when they do it will be in the waters where animals feed making it part of their food, and eventually becoming part of ours too. You wouldn’t want to eat a carrier bag, so why allow the animals to?

Remember to firstly, cut up any plastic rings that you may have, and then get rid of all rubbish properly. Anything that have be recycled should be, buying drinks in glass bottles may cost a little more but they are recyclable, more than carton or plastic. Cans can be recycled too, but remove the plastic rings at home. Take any litter home with you if there’s no bin or if the bin is full.

Better yet, eat at a local place, so they get your trade and you don’t leave any waste behind.


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