I do compost, I’m actually in need of a mini bin for the kitchen that I can empty out into the big one in the garden. I used to use an ice cream tub but that was too small and I didn’t have a lid so wasn’t all that practical.

I’ve had a compost bin many years now, it gets veg and fruit in it, I put egg shells and any garden bits into it. I’ll admit not not turning it over very much but it does make compost that I do use.

This helps reduce my rubbish waste and helps the garden too, sadly it doesn’t give m enough that I don’t have to buy compost, however I don’t have to buy as much so that is a bonus.

I’m thinking of getting a wormery too, which will help the compost break down fast, however I need to look into it more, as I think there is a lot of worm in the bin already.


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