I haven’t posted in a while, felt a bit like I had nothing to say, or wasn’t able to talk about anything I wanted to properly.

However I have been researching still and bees are the first new topic.

Bees are dying, there are various reasons why, habitat loss, less plants for them, more honey farming amongst the big ones.

However there are things we can do to help the bees. Creating bee gardens is the most practical one, you can plant flowers that bees particularly like. Put bee houses in, although make sure you are using ones that will not get infested with insects or mould. If it the ‘hotel’ type that make sure it’s high enough so that ants don’t take over and that it can be checked and cleaned yearly.

Better are bee houses, however these are big and are designed for honey bees, so they have somewhere that they can form a hie without people collecting their honey. Bees use the honey during winter when there is less flowers around for them to feed on.

Beekeepers that have the square type of hives often don’t realise that this type of bee farming isn’t good for the bees, although the smoking doesn’t harm them, the bees hive are kept at a special temperature that is best and made by the bees, this temperature is disrupted when beekeepers check for honey. They also can prevent bees from swarming, which is when there’s too many bees for one hive, so they create a new queen bee and she and half of the bees go to make a new hive. Allowing the bees to do this would give beekeepers to have more hives, however they may not get as much honey as less bees per hive. Over time though there would be more bees in each hive.

However you can get more natural bee farming, using a method that we used to use and that people in other countries still use, called a skep, this is shaped more like a bees natural hive, and although not as easy for farmers it does help the bees.

Some companies now buy their organic honey from developing countries that use skep methods, as it’s been found to be purer honey, less chemicals less industrial just old fashioned honey gathering. Better for the bees, better for the environment, better honey for everyone.





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