One week in!

So today marks the end of the first week in Lent, I had to pop to the convenience store once to get some things for my Dad, but other than that it’s been all local stores. However by local I do been a 5 miles drive away so probably not that good ethics wise for the environment. It is however making me think and plan meals, I don’t want to drive out there just for one small thing, I need to get enough veg for a few meals at least. They also have a lot of things there at are really tempting to buy, like a big bag of scone mix, a just add water and have scones type of thing. Now I can make scones myself and I don’t really eat much bread products, but it tempts me everytime I go there! I did however give into the temptation of the Welshcakes, I do love them, they got eaten very quickly!



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