A New Name

So I got asked to create a new username today, not an odd thing happens when you join up to a lot of websites.However what do I choose, do I go with teh usernames I have always used or something new. I am no longer the same person as I was when I created those names in the beginning, some I’ve had for over 10 years and well I’m a lot different at nearly 30 to what I was at turning 20. Usernames are odd things, you create a whole image in someone else’s mind based on them. So it’s odd when you’ve talked to someone for so long and you either learn their real name or they change their username, are they still the same person you thought they were with a different name?

I think I’ll name me Joan, I feel like a Joan. Will I still feel like a Joan tomorrow or a year from now? I guess this is one of the reasons that we don’t name ourselves, you can easily decide that you don’t feel like that name and change. Which ok you can do legally, but most people just keep the name they were born with.

I don’t know what I’ll use yet as my username, it won’t be Joan, sorry Buffy but it won’t be Anne either!



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