Bag it up!

So most places in England now charge 5 pence for a carrier bag. This was brought in back in 2015, which was actually behind the rest of the UK. This means less people are buying plastic bags, which is better from the environment, and they money that they are spending on them goes to various different causes.

People are however buying reusable bags, whether material, tote ones or plastic. A lot of charities now have bags for sale that you can buy.


Many bags like this one from the Marine Conservation Society support the charity and are big and strong so that you can use it for all your shopping.

Other places do bags that fold up small to fit into handbags, or clip on to bags.

Other than them being reusable, they also help keep our environment cleaner, less littering, less landfill, and it helps the animals too, especially water animals. The bags often end up in our water systems. This means it can cover the animals or the animals food supply and they end up eating it themselves, becoming ill or dying.


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