Natural Family Planning

Ok first off, I’m not in a relationship or remotely thinking of having one any time soon. However I do find knowing about this useful for keeping track of my period and ovulation.

I use an app, mine is called OvuView, but there’s load available and free. What it does is track your period with the data you give it and then depending on how much data it will also tell you when you ovulate and your most fertile time.

I’ll admit, I do only do the body temp and the menses. Although I’ll add in cramps and things as and when. What this does for me is it tells me when I’m due to come on, yes the chocolate cravings also do that, but this is accurate and it also tells me when I ovulate, and helps me record whether I’ve had pains during either time, or if I put on weight during those times, or any other changes that my body goes through, as long as I input the date it will track it for me.

I don’t have anything fancy, the pic is of the cheap thermometer that I bought, either from Superdrug or the supermarket, no need for an expensive one.

I believe women should know about their bodies, and this is one way of knowing what your body is doing with or without the added bonus of knowing when you are more likely to conceive.


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