A close shave

Ah shaving the horrible chore of getting rid of hair. Got to admit I don’t shave my legs all that often in winter, no one sees them and I don’t get that dirty so I don’t bother. However I tend to buy the cheap disposable ones, that I will use a few times for throwing away.

You can but the reusable ones, they cost a lot but the handles at least will last a long time. However you can buy recyclable razors. Or there is the traditional safety razor, kinda scary to start with but once you get used to it you’ll have it for years. Although you may need to either buy or resharpen the blades.

The alternatives are the electric razor, waxing, of which there are organic varieties. Or you can make your own sugar wax. It’s just sugar, water and lemon juice all heated up into a paste and that’s your wax. Sounds painful to me though!



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