Books and ebooks

So I like to read, but I don’t really like using a Kindle. I have one, an old style keyboard one. Kindle books are Amazon and if you want to avoid Amazon and still read books that can be used on Amazon legally then your best best is to go direct to the publishers. Most publishers now have ebooks on their websites. These may cost more than going to Amazon but you will be avoiding the middle man so to speak.

As for paper books, I tend to stick to charity shops, that way I get a book for cheap and I give money to charity at the same time. I also tend to give books back to the shop after I’ve read them. Unless it’s a book that I know I will read again someday. Don’t forget about the library, some also allow to to rent ebooks, or have bundles of books for book clubs.

I’m quite lucky here in that there’s an independent book shop here as well as a really good second hand shop too, for the times that I don’t fancy anything from the charity shop or am looking for something in particular.


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