Ah Chocolate, I do love nutty chocolate, not a huge plain chocolate fan and actually I don’t eat a huge amount of chocolate. Although if you put a hazelnut bar in front of me I will eat it and quickly!

If you want to avoid the big brands or even the supermarket own brands, which to me are more tasty than Cadburys! There are plenty of alternatives, both dairy and vegan.

Divine Chocolate is an easy to find one, it’s sold in most Oxfam shops as well as many other places. They have a variety of flavours as well, all fairtrade.

Plamil is vegan and has organic and fairtrade chocolates, they own their factories, making everything theirselves. Including using  100% renewable sources.

Seed and Bean are an organic chocolate company from the UK, that makes their chocolate in the UK. They have a wide range of flavours and their wrappers are compostable.

These are just 3 brands, and 3 I have tried, but walk into a organic or health food shop and you will find other brands too. Just remember that Green & Blacks are owned by Cadbury’s and Kraft foods.


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