The little things

So the other thing people don’t like talking about, feminine hygiene. If you want to get away from the big brands there are plenty of alternatives.

For something similar, disposable tampon and towels there is Natracare  an organic company that has won an award for their ethics.

There’s a wide range of reusable options as well. The menstrual cup, Diva Cup and Mooncup are two of the most popular companies. This isn’t an option for me, got to admit too icky having to wash out and then to keep it sanitised.

Earth Wise Girls has a range of reusable sanitary towels, menstrual sponges and cups.

SheThinx is a different approach it’s underwear with built in protection, comes in different styles for different days.

Of course all of the reusable one need to be washed and do have an initial larger costs, however they will last several years if treated right.



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