Let’s get ethical

Over the last week I’m got back into trying to find out about the ethic of companies, I first did this years ago when I was a vegan, well I was a terrible vegan in that I just didn’t eat anything. I was a fussy eater and at that point rarely tried new foods and lost a lot of weight. I stopped being a vegan and got lazy going back into old habits.

This year however I’m eating better, trying out new things, so far I’ve got myself a sewing machine and a dehydrator, ok both were in the sales and one hasn’t been touched yet, but I love the dehydrator.

I’m also back into researching the ethics of companies, where I live I’m quite lucky as we have plenty of farm around and an organic shop, plus a large (large for this town anyway) health food shop. I really have no reason to buy as much unethical stuff as I do, but it’s going to be finding out that the companies that I think are ethical actually are and also finding out about which products are the best and which are easy substitutes for the more common product.


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